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The Subhumans were part of the second wave of british punk, better known as "anarcho punk." They had politically driven lyrics that were rather depressing but still much more intelligent than most punk bands. They were also exellent musicians and had an original sound like no other anarcho band. They formed in 1981 and broke up in 1986, their lineup was:
Dick- Vocals
Bruce- Guitar
Grant- Bass
Trotsky- Drums
3 of the band members went on to join Citizen Fish, a much different sounding band. Recently the Subhumans have reformed and are on tour now!

Demolition Wars EP
Reason for Existence EP
Religious Wars EP
The Day the Country Died
Evolution EP
From the Cradle to the Grave
Rats EP
Worlds Apart
EPLP (compilation of first 4 EPs)
29:29 split vision
Rats/Time Flies but Aeroplane Crash (2 EPs on 1 LP)