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Operation Ivy was:
Jesse Michaels-vocals
Lint (aka Tim Armstrong)-guitar/vocals
and a few others
They formed around 1986-87, they released several albums including:
Hectic EP (1988)
For being Opiv's first formal relese on Lookout, it is quite an achievment. It Features 6 songs all in the 1:30-2:00 minute range. Every song on here is classic Opiv, the only problem is its brevity. For a 45 rpm priced at about $2.50 it's well worth the money. As always I strongly suggest going out and buying the Vinyl.
This is Operation Ivy's best album, featuring 19 tracks of East Bay punk. The anthemic Jaded and Unity are not to be missed. If you are going to buy one Punk album this should be it.
This so-so record contains demos and live cuts. As well as tracks off out of print Vinyl. The quality sucks and so doseveral of the songs, but if you really like Operation Ivy than you will probaly enjoy this.

Unfourtanetly they broke up in 1989 and various members went on to join Rancid.