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OCTOBER 14: My MP3 section got shut down, but i put it up again. It's not looking too good right now but that should change shortly. As soon as I some time I'm going to add a Sham 69, a Stratford Mercenaries and a Crass section. I made a new site, it's called Punklit101, the URL is
SEPTEMBER 18: I finished the MP3 section so now you can download some songs from your favorite punk bands. Not too much left to do except add more song files.
AUGUST 21: Well the Subhumans section is finished, complete with discography. If anyone would like to add anything to the band profiles just e-mail it to me and i'll be sure to post it up. the MP3(MP3s are high quality music files that you can play on your computer) section is half done, so you can download files from several bands.
AUGUST 18: The Crass discography is all done and the Subhumans section is on it's way. I'll be adding a punk MP3/real Audio section so you can listen to all your favorite bands. Added a little to the history of punk section.
AUGUST 16: The Crass discography is about half done so go check it out.I'm also going to add a SUBHUMANS section in the near future.
JULY 15: Holy fuck, an update! I removed some dead links, added immensly to the history of Punk, included an extensive Crass history and added to the album reviews. Expect a Crass discography in the near future. -Will-
MAY 22: Well, this is the first time I've updated this site in like a month. I've been quite busy but now I'm back to entertain all you punkers. I find it hard to advertise this site, so if anyone wants to link to me or vice-versa please e-mail me. I'll add a discography to the Crass page soon but after that I don't know what I'll do.
APRIL 29: Added immensly to the History of punk page. Expect the OPIV, The Dead Kennedys, and the Crass pages to increase. You can reach those pages by clicking on their logos in The Favorite Band section.
APRIL 25: I added a Minor Threat page to my fav. bands list, it is about half done. In the near future I will create a Black Flag and/or Subhumans section; if you have any info about these bands please send them to me. My E-mail address is
APRIL 22: I Completed Dead Kennedys and Operation Ivy discographys. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to review the albums, add detailed descriptions and track listings. Also, I created a Crass page. You can get to it by clicking on the Crass logo in my fav. bands section.