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Minor Threat formed in 1980 and broke up in 1983. During that time they released 1 LP and 3 EPs of hardcore punk.
The band members were: Ian Mackaye- Vocals Brian Baker- Bass< Lyle Preslar- Guitar Jeff Nelson- Drums
here are 2 of their better releases:
Out of Step
Out of step was their second Ep and helped establish Minor Threat as the forerunners of hardcore.
On their only LP, Minor Threat include 11 hardcore/punk/sXe songs; every song is a classic and has spawned hundreds of imitators. The production is a little sloppy but the lyrics, vocals and unrestrained aggresion more than make up for that. Contains "Straight Edge" the song that started a whole movement. Buy this right now!
Ian Mackaye later joined Fugazi a very un-punk band.