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The NY Dolls initiated the fashion punk trends by wearing glam and risque clothing. The days of MODs were being left far behind. The NY Dolls after 2 LPs decided to become a Communist band at the urgings of a future Sex Pistol. This ended their career quite abruptly. Being heavily inspired by the NY Dolls, A store called Sex decided to create a glam band of their own. The owner/worker Jordan and her friend Malcom Mclaren decided to form the Sex Pistols. They hired Steve Jones to be on a guitar and vocals, Paul cook to play drums, and Glen Matlock to play Bass. Jones couldn't sing and the band went nowhere fast, Jones hired a kid named John Lydon(soon to be Johnny Rotten) to sing. They were terrible at first but later grew to superstar status. Matlock then took a hiatus and formed another group only to leave shortly thereafter and return to the Pistols. He got a drummer nicknamed Rat Scabies and a singer called Dave Vanian and few others. This rag tag lineup was to become The Damned a serious contestor for the Punk crown. A large group called London SS broke up and various members left to join The Damned but others gathered together and The Clash were born. These three bands and many others set th stage for what was to be called Punk. Out of Manchester a poppy band called the Buzzcocks came into being gaining a loyal following of their own. Early punk shows at the 100 club helped popularlize this new brand of Anarchy. Punk was partially a movement for people who hated hippies, people who wanted to clean themselves up, become an intelligent angry individual and rebel against the state. Punk held the hope for a new life for many, sadly Punk became yet another media bonanza; thanks in part to the Sex Pistols. Johnny Rotten loved the media and loved pissing them off, this was what eventually killed the Sex Pistols and Punk as a meaningfull movement. The Damned beat the Sex Pistols in the run for the first punk single, and relesed "New Rose." The Pistols followed a week later with "Anarchy in the UK" a much better song. Sid Vicious was becoming quite a disturbence at this time; by attempting to be the ultimate punk and Pistols fan, he would beat people up at shows and cause riots. This is mainly what associated violence with Punk rock and Anarchy. No one in the Sex Pistols really got along, making them a disjointed angry band, this helped create their reputation as foul mouthed yobs. Many more bands, influenced by the Pistols, rose up to join the ranks of Punk rock. To name a few: X-ray Spex, The Vibrators, Stranglers, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Spiz Energy, The Adverts, Uk Subs, and many others. The ultimate working class band, Sham 69, also briefly rose to popularity. the lead singer, Jimmy Pursey, was so fanatical about his cause that he fired all his band mates because they weren't devoted and hard working enough. He quickly got new members and released several exellent LPs. They recently reformed along with X-ray Spex and others for Punk Nostalgia tours.