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Macintosh Emulators

Below is a complete list of all the good emulators for Mac, for all the good systems

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Sega Master Sytem

Master Gear
MasterGear plays Sega Master System and Game Gear titles just like the original systems. This release has a complete interface and implementation overhaul; the spiffy Mac OS 8 look and gamut of new features make this version a great find for all Sega fans.
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Sega Genesis

GenEm PPC is a port of GenEm to the Macintosh. Sound is not yet ported, but other than that it's a very solid release. Unfortunately, Brian Verre has stopped developing this program.
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Game Boy

Virtual Gameboy
This version of Virtual Gameboy allows Super Gameboy-enhanced titles to display vibrant colors and full-color backdrops--and it still runs just as fast! Also added in this release is the ability to freeze the game state. Another is Gameboy model selection, a useless but exceptionally cool option which lets you change the Gameboy's icon to match your favorite Gameboy color; even transparent and Pocket Gameboy are available! (Thanks to Nonoche for coming up with this idea and helping with the icons!)
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iNES is the most compatible Nintendo emulator for Macintosh. It supports rich audio, almost every known Nintendo game, and has surprisingly few glitches. The most recent version is now compatible with Dragon Warrior 3 and 4, Dragon Quest 3, Punch-Out, Worldrunner 3D, and more. It is also faster than previous versions and offers full Mac OS 8 Platinum Appearance support.
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Super Nintendo

Silhouette is an awesome SNES emulator, supporting decent sound, some transparency effects and great compatibility in their first release! Although not as fast as SNES9X, it is playable on most recent machines. It is also a project shrouded in mystery--the developers, allegedly former Nintendo employees, have chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect themselves from legal action. The Silhouette story has come under fire and many now doubt its true origins, but Silhouette nonetheless proves to be a unique emulator. Several readers have reported that Silhouette will fail abruptly if the monitor being used is unable to handle thousands of colors. In fact, it seems to have video problems unless the emulator is started in thousands of colors.
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