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Dk is one of the better punk bands of all time,
Their lineup includes:
Jello Biafra on vocals,
East Bay Ray on Guitars,
Klaus Flouride on Bass,
and D.h. Peligro on drums,
To check out Jello's failed campaign for mayor of San Fran click here
You should check out their 1983 LP Plastic Surgery Disasters.

Complete LP/EP discography:

Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
Their 1rst full length release showcased DK's inventive song writing and Jello Biafras sense of humor on tracks such as "Kill the poor" "Let's Lynch the Landlord" and "I kill Children."
In God We Trust INC. (EP)
An exellent EP, every song is a classic. This Ep is contained in the CD version of Plastic Surgery Disasters, so I recommend you buy the CD.
Plastic Surgery Disasters
The Dead Kennedys best release also contains the EP In God we Trust INC. All the songs are great, the best being "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" All I really have to say is: get this album right now!
DK is starting to run out of steam on this release, It's my least favorite album.
Bedtime for Democracy
Better than Frankenchrist but still lacking originality. Jello Biafra is increasingly bitter on this record sometimes to the point of annoyance. There are some bright spots though.
Give me Convenience or Give me Death
This is a collection of DK's hit singles, B-sides and some live cuts. The B-sides are good most of the time but often lack the quality of the A-sides; the live cuts sound exactly like the studio songs so don't expect anything interesting there. The standouts include: "Too Drunk to Fuck," "Police Truck," and "A Child and his Lawnmower."